Packing and Unpacking

Service Overview

We are the best packers and movers in Dehradun by being the safest & most efficient. How? We mastered how to pack. How to do it right involves using the best materials, having proper planning & excellent movers. Even before your move starts our movers review your items & develop a customized approach to how they will pack. What materials are needed for each item for instance? It’s how we move smart and get you to your new home safely and seamlessly.

Virat Packers and Movers uses only highest-quality packing materials, Foam Sheets, Bubble Wrap, Shrink Wrap, boxes & tape. We also use heavy-duty boxes for longer cross-country moves. We double wrap your items to protect them for the longer stay. Add special protection to ensure it will stay in great condition for as long as you need it to be stored. We shrink-wrap your items to protect them from dust accumulation.

Creative Solutions

We will go ahead that extra mile to ensure our clients welfare, our working hours convenient.

Professional Team

We have the most famous experts in reputable company providing great advice on Wills.

Diverse Approach

We don’t believe in the sales culture, but instead we believe in the service culture.

Benefits of Service

We understand that packing all your stuff when moving from one city to another or inter-city can be cumbersome, while juggling all other responsibilities that you may have, pertaining to your house-hold and office. Our specialists are trained to pack up your stuff quickly, efficiently, and safely. Virat Packers and Movers Professional Packing Services can take care of all your dishes, pots & pans, books, fragile items, documents, shoes, etc., and help save you time and frustration.

Hard-to-pack items are always included as part of our standard moving package. We know from experience it’s best to leave certain things to the professionals, so we always take care of stuff like electronics, furniture, and hanging clothes.

  • Flat-screen TVs: Wrapped in Bubble Wrap and covered with cardboard sheet as a second layer.
  • Lamps: Disassembled if possible; and stuffed with lots of paper to add cushion. Then each part is covered with bubble wrap and a cardboard sheet.
  • Electronics: Wrapped in cardboard sheets and covered with shrink wrap.
  • Mirrors: Covered with Bubble Wrap followed by shrink wrap
  • Glass or china items: stuffed with lots of paper to add cushion. Then each part is covered with bubble wrap and a cardboard sheet.
  • Pots and pans: Wrapped and packed in cardboard boxes.
  • Dishes: Wrapped and packed in cardboard boxes.
  • Books: Packed in cardboard boxes.
  • Toys: Packed in cardboard boxes.
  • Clothes: Packed in cardboard boxes.
  • Shoes and Slippers: Packed in cardboard boxes.

No! You don’t have to worry about a needle. Our professional Experts will take care of everything that you need packed and moved.

Yes! Our team will unpack everything that you want us to unpack and settle at your destination. We will screw back anything our team dismantled to pack such as double beds and tables. With Virat Packers and Movers, you can cherish the best moving experience, without any tension or hassle.