Household Moving

Service Overview

Moving to a new home can be just as exciting and just as stressful as moving from a house to an apartment. But when you’re writing the lines of your story in a new chapter, it helps to have help from the best team out there inspired by making life easier for people. When you work with company offering professional movers and packers, you can be sure you’ll enjoy moving day without the added stress of having to lift heavy furniture or lots of boxes.

Virat Transport packers And Movers with years of experience know how protect all sorts of fragile things, including TVs and tables that may cost you thousands if they were broken during the move. Our robust packaging and safe handling ensures that your valued belongings are treasured during the course of packing, transportation and unpacking.

You are one of a kind. Your possessions are irreplaceable and priceless.

The beautiful Mugs that your daughter painted, your family portrait that hangs in your living room, your delicate  vases, precious antiques, chandeliers, high-end furniture, crockery, and priceless statue gifted by a close one, makes up your personality and makes your home, yours. The sentiment attached to each one of the objects in your home, and the memories that come along with them, are priceless. They need to be handled as such

Creative Solutions

We will go ahead that extra mile to ensure our clients welfare, our working hours convenient.

Professional Team

We have the most famous experts in reputable company providing great advice on Wills.

Diverse Approach

We don’t believe in the sales culture, but instead we believe in the service culture.

Taking onus of your belongings

Each and every object in your home needs special care. If you want to transport your stuff safely, call the right people who will make sure everything is carried out according to plan – in a timely manner and at an affordable price.

By taking keys of this responsibility you are giving yourself some free space – that can be used for getting acquainted with the new surroundings and settling down. As soon as you settle, start a new chapter of your story; it may be colorful or plain but it definitely awaits you there!

Frequently Asked Questions

We use bubble wrap, packing beans and loads of newspaper & corrugated sheets to pack everything that’s fragile. Every single item, no matter how small or big, will be catered to individually. The fragile item then get’s packed in thick corrugated boxes and labeled.
For sturdy belongings such as furniture and fixtures that may not be broken with little impact, we use layers of special foam sheets, corrugated sheets, and cling wrap sheets to make sure your furniture isn’t scratched during the course of transportation.

Yes! We will unscrew almost all the fixtures and fittings that you need moved and screw them back at the destination. When we say “almost all”, we mean all the fixtures that can be unscrewed without the help of a specialized professional. If it’s a window AC, we will remove it for you. If it’s a Split AC, you may need to call your own technician.

We are the most trusted and renowned Packers and Movers in Dehradun. Our headquarters are in Dehradun. But we operate pan India. We have a vast network of associates in 35 cities in India that covers all major cities such as Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Pune, Ahembdabad, Patna, Kolkata, Chandigargh, Mumbai, and Banglore. Through our network of Virat Transport Packers And Movers certified associates, we are able to provide you service, no matter where you are.